ECA's Quick Wins: A Success Story in Efficient Healthcare Staffing

Overview: ECA was approached by a prominent healthcare client to fill an urgent Institutional Specialist position after the client struggled for three weeks to find a suitable candidate. The challenges included the need for a candidate with specific qualifications, such as experience as a hospital sales rep with psych sales experience, willingness for overnight travel, and availability to attend training in less than two weeks. ECA's

Strategic Approach: We initiated a "Discovery Call" on the first day to understand the client's requirements thoroughly, timeline for interviews and when an offer needs to be extended. With only five days to fill the position, we employed strategic sourcing, leveraging our proprietary database and experienced sourcing team. By the end of the first day, we identified and interviewed 19 potential candidates.

Candidate Evaluation: Our recruitment team rigorously evaluated the 19 candidates, identifying two as qualified and highly interested. We presented these candidates to the client for further consideration.

Streamlined Hiring Process: The two selected candidates underwent three interviews within two days, leading to the swift selection of one candidate for the position.

Result: ECA's agile approach resulted in a rapid turnaround, presenting a strong candidate pool within one day. By the end of the week, an offer was extended and accepted, achieving success where the client had previously spent three weeks without finding top talent.