Ed Tech Sales Manager opening filled within 14 days

Our client, a prominent K-12 technology company, seeks a Regional Sales Manager to lead a team of 9 sales representatives. Initially, the position was filled; however, the selected candidate opted to remain with their current employer after being presented with a counteroffer.

Challenges Faced by the Client: The unexpected decision of the chosen candidate to decline the offer left our client in a predicament, necessitating quick action to promptly
fill the crucial position.

ECA Recruiter's Strategic Approach: Given the urgency, our objective was to complete the recruitment & interview process within a 14-day timeframe. To achieve this goal, we utilized our team of project administrators, sourcers, and recruiters. Leveraging our extensive network and database, we conducted over 30 interviews and presented 5 highly qualified candidates to our client. Our efficiency stemmed from our access to a diverse pool of candidates, including those with whom we had established relationships in the past.

Strategic Sourcing: Our candidate pool comprised individuals from various channels, including two referrals, two sourced from our comprehensive database, and one
identified through online sourcing.

Streamlined Hiring Process: The selected candidates were promptly submitted to the hiring manager, underwent interviews, and ultimately resulted in the successful hiring of
a candidate within the stipulated 14-day period.

Result: In response to unexpected challenges, such as the withdrawal of the initial candidate, ECA demonstrates remarkable agility in swiftly assembling a qualified
candidate pool. Our approach emphasizes casting a wide net, leveraging our proprietary database, referral networks, marketing strategies, and proactive sourcing of
passive candidates to ensure successful placements.