Our Difference

Experience in Recruiting Matters

Experience in recruiting matters greatly. With an average tenure of 17 years, our seasoned recruiting team stands as a testament to our expertise in the field. This extensive experience enables us to navigate challenges effectively and consistently deliver high-quality results. 

Proven Recruiting Process

We take pride in our proven recruiting process, which has been meticulously refined over almost 50 years. ECA has played a pivotal role in building successful sales teams that consistently exceed expectations. Our process has brought satisfaction to numerous clients and candidates alike, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability. 

Understanding Your Needs

At the heart of our achievements lies our adeptness in understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients. We've honed a deep understanding of what hiring managers seek, enabling us to tailor our recruitment process precisely to your requirements. By delving into the intricacies of your organization, we ensure that our approach is finely tuned to source and present only the most qualified candidates. These individuals undergo rigorous interviews to not only meet, but surpass your organization's standards. Whether you seek to fill a single opening, expand or build your team, or engage us as an extension of your recruiting team (RPO), our diverse range of recruiting services is poised to meet your needs. We're flexible enough to adjust our services seamlessly to suit your requirements.

Exceeding your Expectations

At the core of our mission lies our President's unwavering motto:


"Never strive to meet, always strive to exceed."

With this guiding principle, we are dedicated to becoming your trusted partner and the go-to team for all your recruiting needs. 

Let's Work Together

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